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Soingez-Vous Med Spa NYC Skincare product client

Treat Your Skin

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Treat Your Skin

Here at SoVous, we offer only the best names in skincare products in New York. Only wanting the best, our skincare professionals have scoured not only high-end New York skincare products but those available across the globe, looking for the most advanced and most worthy treatments and regimens for our clientele.

Nothing sustains a treatment long after leaving the office like the perfect products. You can maintain your newly revealed, healthy, and youthful-looking skin beyond the normal treatment-result lifespan. Not only do they offer lasting benefits, but the products offered at SoVous Med Spa NYC can also even enhance treatment results. We strive to offer the best skincare products New York City has available, our team has selected the following three name brands to display proudly because of their research, advanced skincare technology, passion for their craft, and the results their products achieve.

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Forlle'd Skincare

Leading the way in skincare products for 15 years, Forlle'd answered the call for continuous progression in skincare. Based in Japan, the company has developed its unique products with deep scientific interest and unparalleled craft. Through consistent studying, Forlle'd devised their own system that has steadily proven results. The Forlle'd Innovative Nano-Delivery System (FINDS, as they call it) was designed to deliver the active ingredients to where the skin needs them through deep penetration through the skin’s layers.

With this system, FINDS aids in enhancing cell regeneration and furthering skin’s health to a bright and outstanding glow. FINDS carries several premier ingredients to which only Forlle'd holds the patents, making it exclusive to its own brand. Featuring an ultra-low molecular hyaluronic acid and ionized minerals in some products, their scientists have balanced the formula to ensure results. Other products carry their also patented low molecular ceramides, ensuring that skin retains its maximum authenticity. This then creates skin that leaves no oily residue, creating skin that looks and feels as if no product is there while still working deep below the skin to bring out its inner youth. However, Forlle'd labels their Platinum Line as their most sterling achievement. This low molecular formula stars platinum as its main ingredient. These products possess the ultimate antioxidant that resists 99.9% of oxygen forms that degenerate skin cells, further delaying and preventing the signs of aging. Working into the depths of the dermis, this product increases hydration and detoxification to accelerate healing within the skin.

Revision Skincare

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Passion drives Revision Skincare to deliver products that give real skincare benefits. This very same passion has resulted in the company having many firsts throughout its existence.

  • First in the US to use THD Ascorbate as an exceptional alternative to L-Ascorbic Acid.
  • First to widely incorporate peptide usage in skincare products. Scientists in skincare have touted the importance of peptides in the skin to protect itself against the outside world and unlock its full potential beauty. Some of their products contain up to 8 different peptides, ensuring success for people of all genders in their selected lines.
  • First to exploit the secret power of the skin’s microbiome to turn back the clock for the skin on the neck and decolletage. Using prebiotics to stimulate the skin and absorb the nutrients to provide consistent and steady results.
  • First to produce a mineral-based tinted moisturizer that contains sunscreen completely free of hidden chemicals. After 10 years of research, the team at Revision finally found the best solution for those clamoring for a break from chemicals on treated skin.
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SkinMedica has been advancing the world of skincare for the past 20 years. Founded by physicians and rooted in science, SkinMedica has made strides regarding skin rejuvenation, offering their products to those that can benefit. Their products work with the body’s natural healing and repair systems instead of simply plumping skin cells to feign results. Their products feature their innovative TNS Recovery Complex, which has been clinically shown to reduce discoloration and decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The solution consists of its patented growth factor labeled as their Tissue Nutrient Solution (TNS) that provides the best ingredients for the best and fastest results. Moreover, multiple studies in scientific journals and conferences have verified the growth factors’ presence within their solutions. Within the TNS Recovery Complex, the products have a high concentration of growth factor to aid in the repair of skin cells quicker than other products. Normally, products like SkinMedica could take 6-12 weeks of consistent use before seeing results. With these, you could be seeing results in as little as 4 weeks due to their patented formula.

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