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Vaginal Rejuvenationin NYC

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Restore Your Vagina

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Restore Your Vagina

Are you experiencing problems such as vaginal dryness or irritation? Is intercourse painful? Have you had a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, or gone through menopause, and now your gynecological or urological health seems to have been affected? If so, you are not alone.

At SoVous Med Spa NYC, our board-certified medical specialists can restore and rejuvenate your vagina to reduce or eliminate these painful symptoms using advanced medical technologies like laser vaginal rejuvenation. New York City vaginal rejuvenation specialists can help you recapture the joy of those intimate moments.

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Why Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Your vagina ages, just like every other part of your body. Natural aging reduces collagen, the substance that provides firmness and support to your tissue. As you age, the connective tissue changes, decreasing collagen and reducing your skin’s resilience. Often this loss of the ability to bounce back can cause deteriorating gynecological and urological health. In addition to the natural process of aging, vaginal health can be affected by numerous events in a woman’s life.

Any time the production of estrogen decreases, vaginal health can be affected. Vaginal childbirth can stretch the vaginal canal and the soft tissue surrounding it. When this happens, there may be decreased vaginal function. You can also see a deterioration because of menopause or a hysterectomy. These events plus breastfeeding can change the health of the vagina by reducing the ability of the ovaries to produce estrogen. Some chemotherapy treatments are designed to shut down estrogen levels. This loss of estrogen results in changes to the vagina as well. These conditions as well as the natural aging process can leave you feeling less confident. As a result, it can cause sexual dysfunction and impact your intimate relationships. These problems are sometimes difficult to discuss even with your doctor.

Restoring Your Vaginal Health

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SoVous offers vaginal rejuvenation in New York customized to your needs and goals. Our qualified medical specialists understand the problems and can guide you with understanding and sensitivity to treatments to alleviate your issues and address your most intimate challenges. These treatments are conducted using an innovative approach, the diVa laser. The diVa laser is a popular procedure for women looking to improve their soft tissue health. It is a quick, reliable, and predictable treatment that is done entirely in-office in an outpatient setting.

With minimal downtime, the procedure is typically comfortable and offers tangible benefits. These improvements can restore a youthful feel to your vagina. With the use of the diVa laser successful results have been provided to thousands of women. Whether you want to improve your feminine health or your gynecological and genitourinary/urological health, our highly trained medical professionals can resolve your issues as well. Some of the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation using the diVa laser are improvements to numerous conditions, including incontinence, vaginal atrophy resulting in dryness, laxity, and irritation, and painful intercourse. Your vaginal rejuvenation treatment will leave you feeling younger and revitalized. In addition, it may restore your confidence with your sexual partner.

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Vaginal Rejuvenation

At SoVous Med Spa NYC we use the diVa laser. It is a dual-wavelength hybrid laser. It offers us the tunability we need to customize usage based on a patient’s age and symptoms. diVa works through deep tissue heating and stimulation. The diVa laser delivers two laser beams at one time to the vaginal canal wall. One laser resurfaces the tissue and helps healthy tissue take its place. The other laser heats the layers where there is collagen, assisting in the healing process.

The new, healthier tissue is more nourished and hydrated and the epithelial tissue, that thin covering of the vaginal wall, thickens and becomes more toned and supple. Especially for those who are experiencing menopause or who are post-menopausal, this treatment can help improve soft tissue health. Each treatment takes between 3 to 5 minutes. diVa laser therapy is FDA-approved and ensures the safest treatment outcomes for patients. It is ideal for removal, opening, ablation, vaporization, and thickening of soft tissue.

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Why Choose

If you are looking for vaginal rejuvenation New York City qualified and trained medical professionals who are also sensitive to your needs is who you will want treatment from. SoVous Med Spa is a woman-owned company.

Our practitioners are more than just board-certified professionals; they are mothers and sisters who understand where you are and what you are going through. You can feel comfortable sharing your goals with them in a safe, discreet environment in our offices on the Upper East Side. You don’t have to settle for a life of painful sex and frustration. Schedule your consultation for vaginal rejuvenation at SoVous Med Spa NYC today.

Vaginal Rejuvenation FAQs

Who can benefit from vaginal rejuvenation?

Any woman who wants to improve her gynecological and genitourinary health will experience improvements from vaginal rejuvenation therapy. The treatment is especially helpful for women dealing with vaginal dryness, itching, and painful intercourse.

What happens after the treatment?

Following the vaginal laser treatment, patients may return to their daily routine. There is usually minimal to no discharge, spotting, or discomfort; however, patients should avoid sexual intercourse until any discharge, spotting, and discomfort subsides. Some women notice increased sensitivity near the vaginal opening. Your medical professional may recommend a personalized post-treatment plan if needed.

What should I expect during treatment?

diVa's ergonomic design allows for patient comfort and ease of use by our expert practitioners. The treatment takes between 3 to 5 minutes. Sedation is not necessary. Only a topical anesthetic is used, ensuring your comfort. You may experience minor pressure on the vaginal wall during the treatment.

How long does the treatment last?

You will experience positive results immediately and may notice additional improvement after the treatment because of the rejuvenating and regenerating process caused by the treatment. This continuing effect may fade over time, so you may want to repeat the procedure in the future.

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