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Dysport in NYC

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Dysport in NYC for Wrinkle Relief

Dysport is an FDA-approved product delivered through a minimally invasive procedure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles with incredible and natural-looking results. Developed as an alternative to Botox, it smooths out those frustrating lines quickly without changing the appearance and movement of the rest of your face.

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Can Dysport Reduce The Appearance of Aging?

Our skin produces a substance known as hyaluronic acid, responsible for young-looking skin. Aging reduces its presence, causing our skin to thin out and lose volume. Combined with other factors such as fat redistribution leading to sagging skin, our skin becomes less vibrant and resilient. When this happens, routine facial movements have a more significant impact on our facial features.

Dysport reduces the impact of frequent muscle movements and contractions. Injections into the affected area cut down the contractions that cause frown lines with minimal to no effect on surrounding areas. This helps you avoid the stiff, manufactured look often associated with injection treatments. With a growing number of our patients looking for traditional treatment options, we are excited to offer Dysport in NYC as an alternative for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles in the face.

Causes of Wrinkles

Lisa Chevalier - SoVous Med Spa New York

From the day we're born, our bodies are in a constant state of change. Our younger years are filled with the energy of discoveries and activity, and our bodies, especially our face and skin, glow with the vibrance of youth. Beginning around the age of twenty the amount of collagen produced by our bodies decreases each year. Collagen describes a group of proteins that are key to the structure of the skin. This is one reason our skin ages as we get older. With the diminishing presence of these proteins, our skin structure breaks down.

Many factors bring about these changes; the environment in which we live, the lifestyles we lead, our eating habits, and even where we work can all play a factor in our appearance. Over time, biological processes start to claim our youthful appearance. We wonder if we can overcome the outward effects of growing older and reclaim the energy and vibrance we once had. Is it possible to push back on getting older? At SoVous, New York Dysport experts are ready to help you do just that. Our injectors have exceptional track records and have performed thousands of procedures to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while preserving your ability to express yourself.

Lisa Chevalier - SoVous Med Spa New York

Aesthetic Team

To learn more about treatments with expert New York Dysport providers at SoVous Aesthetics, schedule a courtesy consultation. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you fulfill your beauty needs.

Alix O'Brien Cohen - SoVous Medspa New York

Alix O'Brien Cohen, B.S., PA-C, is an NCCPA board-certified Physician Associate licensed to practice medicine in New York and Colorado. For over a decade, she has specialized in aesthetic medicine to focus on injectables and non-surgical procedures. Alix has worked in both plastic surgery and dermatology practices and has extensive knowledge and experience in both specialties. Before earning a second bachelor's degree in Physician Associate studies from Wagner College, she received a bachelor's degree from Boston College.

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Sarah Klobocista - SoVous Medspa New York

Sarah Klobocista, M.M.S., PA-C, is an NCCPA Board Certified New York and New Jersey licensed Physician Associate with 15 years of experience. She has worked throughout the city to hone her skills and provide excellent care for her patients. She has a background in Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, Primary Care, Women's Health, and Wellness Medicine. To further her education, Sarah completed her Master’s degree in Education of Advanced Physician Associate Studies. Sarah has a long family line in medicine and makes it a priority in life to help others with the knowledge she has gained over the years.

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Lisa Chevalier - SoVous Medspa New York

Lisa M. Chevalier, M.M.S., PA-C, is an NCCPA board-certified New York and New Jersey licensed Physician Associate specializing in medical and cosmetic dermatology, focusing on laser therapies, injectables, and aesthetics. She earned her master's degree in medical sciences and her certification in Physician Associate studies at Nova Southeastern University's School of Medicine. She completed her clinical rotations at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill-Cornell Medical College, and Lenox Hill Hospital on Manhattan's Upper East Side.

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Dysport FAQs

How long will the Dysport results last?

Our NYC Dysport patients see results within a few days. After that, you can expect the treatment to last from three to four months. As you start to observe the effects wear off, additional treatments might be in order.

Will the medications I'm taking affect Dysport treatment?

It's always a good practice to advise your doctor of any medications you regularly take before undergoing any procedure. Certain antibiotics and calcium channel blocker medications can alter the effects of Dysport specifically.

What are the side effects of Dysport?

As with any medication, side effects are possible. The most commonly reported are nose and throat irritation, headaches, discomfort at the injection site, swelling around the eyes, dry eyes, respiratory infections, and nausea. Some preexisting conditions may aggravate otherwise typical side effects. Among these conditions are ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) and Lambert-Eaton Syndrome.

How long is the Dysport procedure?

Treatment times will vary, but you may expect the procedure to last from twenty to thirty minutes.

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