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New York Under Eye Filler model with brown hair

Under Eye Fillers in NYC

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Revive your rested appearance

New York Under Eye Filler model with brown hair

Are dark circles under your eyes making you look stressed and exhausted? Or have you had those bags all your life?

Are your friends asking you if you are getting enough sleep? Have you tried numerous concealers and highlighters and find the dark circles under your eyes still show up? Maybe you have used up the tea bags in your house trying to reduce the look of those circles. Or you have spent time with ice on your eyelids or purchased ice globes hoping the shadows will diminish. SoVous Med Spa can revive your rested appearance with Under Eye Fillers in New York.

New York Under Eye Filler model with brown eyes
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Under Eye Fillers

You may feel like you have tried everything, but even when some treatment works, the effects are short-term. Liquid foundation make-up can be applied and still may not cover the darkness. Concealers can look unnatural when you need to apply enough to cover up the dark shadows. Added to those issues, the stress of our daily lives and the resulting loss of quality sleep may contribute to that look of exhaustion.

If you want long-term results, under eye correction can be a non-surgical solution using injectable dermal fillers, could be the ideal treatment for you. The specially trained staff at SoVous Med Spa New York will help find an individualized plan for your under-eye dark circles using the best under eye fillers New York City has to offer .

Tear Troughs &
Dark Circles

Tear Troughs

A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and upper cheek. These creases sometimes cast a shadow below your eyes, making you look tired. You may think you look older because of these tear troughs.

In certain individuals, tear troughs are an inherited trait. In others, tear troughs become more prominent with age because facial tissues lose volume as you get older.

Dark Circles

The term “dark circles” is an umbrella term used to describe various cosmetic concerns around the eyes. Treatment for this condition is one of the most sought-after facial improvements.

There are many components to “dark circles” including genetics. Our genetics determine the thickness of our skin, underlying fat pads, and their placement. Some individuals are born with less fat in the under eye area resulting in an indentation commonly referred to as a tear trough hollow.

Are Dark Circles Natural?

NCCPA Board Certified New York & New Jersey licensed Physician Associate Lisa Chevalier

Some people have almond-shaped eyes, some hooded, and some hollowed. Everyone has a natural valley that sits atop the rim of bone that encircles the eye. This valley is a natural and normal contour that is caused by an area of compressed tissue layers. Some just have deeper valleys than others.

In photographs, this valley can show up as a shadow and make us look older and tired. Since the skin and fat pads are thinner in this area than anywhere on the body the visualization of muscle and vascular bed through the tissues, similar to the way that we can see those green-blue reticular veins through the skin on our legs, further contributes to “dark circles.”

This will be more of an issue for those who are genetically coded for lighter skin because it is easier to see these vessels through the skin. In addition, these blood vessels weaken with aging (and other factors, ie: lack of sleep, nutritional deficiencies, etc.) and begin to leak leaving behind pigment in the dermis which further contributes to “dark circles.”

NCCPA Board Certified New York & New Jersey licensed Physician Associate Lisa Chevalier

The Causes of
Dark Circles

Age is a contributing factor and is one of the leading causes of dark under eye circles. As you age, the structure under your skin, made up of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid starts to break down, resulting in weaker skin around the eyes. This can also cause fat to shift to your bottom eyelids creating shadows and hollows in the skin below.

Let’s not forget about sun exposure. Often, our NYC under eye filler patients and will see that, due to the position of their under-eye valley at the edge of the cheek prominence, they also have concentrated sun damage and/or pigment formation in that area. The overproduction of melanin (skin pigment) is yet another problem for some individuals, especially those with olive and darker tones.

Furthermore, things like allergies, food sensitivities, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of sleep can cause puffiness and shadows. In rare cases, the latter can indicate an underlying health condition such as problems with the thyroid or adrenal glands.

As you can see, there are a multitude of contributing factors to “dark circles,” each with a different route to treatment. It is important that you be evaluated by someone who understands the causes of these dark circles and how to differentiate between the causes. Selecting the right treatment for you will evolve from that consultation.

Under Eye Filler Treatments

The board-certified medical professionals at SoVous Medical Spa New York assess the cause of the dark circles and then recommend treatment specific to that cause. These experts, can help determine the cause of your dark circles and recommend the right treatment. If there are no underlying health concerns, under eye fillers using injections may be recommended.

Under eye fillers use various types of injectable gels, the most popular being one made of hyaluronic acid. This treatment reduces the depth of a tear trough. The dermal filler makes the skin look firmer and more filled out.

The hyaluronic acid gel injection fills out hollows and can even stimulate the production of collagen, which can improve the overall health of the skin under the eyes. This skin is especially delicate and requires special skills like those of the SoVous aesthetic specialists.

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Why Choose

Because the skin under your lower eyelid is the thinnest on your body and therefore fragile, it is important to find board-certified, qualified medical professionals who have experience in diagnosing the cause of your dark circles. If you are seeking New York City under eye filler treatments, the professionals at SoVous Med Spa will safely and deftly apply the right treatment to solve the issue. Schedule your consultation with our skincare specialists today to finally get rid of those dark circles under the eyes.

Under Eye Filler FAQs

Who should get under eye filler?

Anyone who has mild to moderate sagging under the eyes and is physically healthy wanting to reduce the appearance of under eye dark circles can benefit from under eye filler treatment.

What should I expect during Under Eye Filler treatment?

Your SoVous Med Spa trained professional will assess the thickness and texture of the skin under your eyes to determine the ideal under eye filler for you. In the case of hyaluronic acid fillers, the injection is mixed with lidocaine (a numbing medication) to reduce any discomfort. You will feel slight pressure and prick, but it should not be too painful. Let your aesthetician know if you have any concerns.

What happens after Under Eye Filler treatment?

You may have some redness, swelling, and bruising, but the side effects usually clear up after two or three days. You will need to apply ice during those first two days and avoid strenuous activity. The area under your eyes will look fuller soon after the treatment, but full results may take a bit longer.

How long does Under Eye Filler treatment last?

Under eye fillers are non-surgical and are temporary but may last one or two years. You may want to repeat the injection when you notice the shadows returning.

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