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Dermaplaning in NYC

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Get a healthy, glowing face

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Get a healthy, glowing face

Featured in various beauty publications over the years, dermaplaning has made a name for itself as a quick and simple way to achieve youthful-looking skin. Using only the deft hands of a dermatological professional and a special tool, clients have raved about its ability to smooth out wrinkled skin and reduce the appearance of scars with this minimally invasive procedure.

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What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning involves the professional taking their uniquely specialized exfoliating blade to remove the top layers of dull or damaged skin, revealing the newer, fresher skin beneath.

By gently scraping away the dead cells, unwanted hair, and blemish-causing toxins, patients see a face that looks and feels smoother and brighter just minutes after a treatment. Your skincare professionals at SoVous Med Spa NYC will use either a manual exfoliating blade or an electronic one, depending on your skin’s needs. During your initial consultation for dermaplaning New York City skin care experts at SoVous, will work with you to determine which method would work best for your skin.

What are the Benefits of Dermaplaning?

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Clients have discovered numerous benefits from precisely applied dermaplaning in New York City’s premier cosmetic destination: SoVous Med Spa. As dermaplaning requires no downtime afterward and has little risk of adverse side effects, patients often have this procedure done on their lunch breaks. They can go right back to work without the effects of anesthesia or a long recovery time like other more invasive procedures.

Many NYC dermaplaning patients have discovered their foundation glides on easily and stays on longer following treatment. Dermaplaning is also used as a base for many of our signature facials to allow products to penetrate and produce longer-lasting results. Some even see fewer acne breakouts. However, the true benefit is increased confidence knowing that your face has that enviable glowing complexion for weeks after your treatment. Dermaplaning is one of the most popular bridal treatments offered at SoVous because it can be done within a few weeks of your wedding day for flawless skin and makeup application. It is often a core component of our Veil Bridal Skin service.

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What Does my Aesthetic Specialist
Need to Know Before Dermaplaning?

First, we need to get to know you, so we can provide the best solutions for your unique skin. Have your medical history ready, as well as what you hope to accomplish with your visit.

Sometimes, dermaplaning may not be the best solution for your skin. Your skin type and other factors can affect your treatment options. At SoVous Med Spa, we factor these conditions in and will help you figure out the right path to the skin solutions you desire.

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Who is a Good
Candidate for

Dermaplaning can help people of all genders and ages look their absolute best. However, the team at SoVous encourages those who have the following conditions to consult with them before dermaplaning:

  • Cystic Acne
  • Sensitive skin
  • Deep scarring (e.g. from large and/or severe burns)
  • Just had another skin refinishing treatment within the past week

SoVous Med Spa also advises individuals who are currently experiencing an active breakout or sunburn to reserve another time for treatment, as dermaplaning could make these situations worse. The same goes for those that have active fever blisters and cold sores as this could spread the infection to other areas of the face.

Why ChooseSoVous Med Spa

SoVous aestheticians craft bespoke solutions for each patient. We listen to your needs, hear your wishes, and provide you with the best results. SoVous has been featured in Forbes, InStyle, and other popular publications, reflecting our competence, reliability, and luxury.

Our satisfied patients know that we deliver great results, as evidenced by our glowing reviews. Our New York City dermaplaning experts are ready to discuss your aesthetic goals and establish a tailored treatment plan to meet them. Call SoVous Med Spa NYC to reserve your dermaplaning session today.

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Are There Other Options Available?

If our team at SoVous feels that dermaplaning would not be best for your skin, there are other options available. Chemical peels might suit your skin’s needs better than dermaplaning. Chemical peels use a different method that does not take off as much off of the top layer of skin and can also be used in combination with other treatments. Read more about chemical peels here.

Can Dermaplaning be Done at Home?

While some retailers sell dermaplaning systems to the public, it is best to leave this to the professional skin specialists at SoVous Med Spa. Some complications could occur from home treatments that can permanently damage your skin. You could experience a higher rate of skin infections, which can lead to further scarring, and disappointing results.

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What Happens
After my Treatment?

During your consultation, we will advise you on specific guidelines to follow after treatment. This includes staying out of direct sunlight for a few days while wearing sun protection.

This helps to make sure the vulnerable skin does not become further irritated. It is also advised not to wear makeup immediately after treatment. Letting the skin breathe for a day after dermaplaning helps the skin recover faster, providing more luminous results.

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