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Get Wedding Ready Skin

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Get Wedding Ready Skin

You've decided on the person with whom you want to share life's journey, and the special day is on the calendar. You will make a million decisions to ensure the day is unforgettable; your venue, the perfect dress, and the right photographer. This is the day when all eyes will be on you. So - what have you done to get your skin ready for your wedding day?

Given the care and attention you give to every other element of your wedding day, your skin deserves equal consideration. Veil is our specialized bridal skin prep treatment plan designed specifically for brides. With staggered treatments timed just right to be at their peak on your big day, Veil will make sure you look and feel flawless in all those wedding photos.

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Tailored Skin Regimen

When it comes to bridal skin prep NYC aesthetics specialists at Soignez-Vous Med Spa, will tailor a bespoke skin regimen to ensure your skin glows as bright and healthy as every bride deserves. Bridal Skin Prep therapy involves devising a treatment plan with knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Whatever your situation, your skin program will include much more than just over-the-counter face washes and moisturizers.

Perhaps you are considering injectables or fillers as part of your plan. If so, there are a variety of treatments available, each with a different effect and treatment time. Like Botox, some may require three months while others may need up to six months. All of this will be included in your Veil timeline. Your New York City bridal skin prep therapy plan with Veil will be several months in the making. That's why you must put scheduling a consultation with us at the top of your to-do list as soon as you set your date.

Plan to Look Amazing

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If you are one to plan and know a year early when your wedding is, it's a good idea to come in and see us right away. Your bridal skin prep plan is important to plan along with everything else about your wedding. We can evaluate your skin and discuss any areas of concern you may have. Doing so allows you to devise an immediate skin regimen to implement over the next few months.

About six months before your wedding day, you can start working on other treatments to fine-tune the results you want. From Botox to Dysport to LED Light Therapy, we offer a host of therapies designed to encourage healthy skin with natural-looking results. A couple of months before your wedding, you've now had a chance to live with the results of any injectable treatments you received. This is an ideal time for you to work in any additional injections as a way to boost the appearance of your skin.

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How Early Do I Need
to Start My Skin Prep?

Bridal Skin Prep FAQS

Many people are waiting to get married until they are older. If this is the case for you, you may be concerned about facial lines around or above the eyes or on your forehead. We can discuss the treatments we offer to target just such conditions.

Did you know Botox isn't just for smoothing wrinkles? It also helps prevent excessive sweating. We can tell you if this is a good option for keeping you dry.

The last thing anyone wants as they prepare for their day is acne. If this is an ongoing struggle for you, we can help you find treatments best suited to your skin type. Additionally, LED Light Therapy is a possible option for treating persistent acne.

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