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Radiessein NYC

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Say Goodbye to Facial Wrinkles

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Say Goodbye to Facial Wrinkles

For our Med Spa patients in NYC Radiesse can treat deep facial wrinkles, lines, or folds by improving the structure of the skin from the inside. This is done through the stimulation of your body’s production of collagen.

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Embrace Your Youth

Your life has been full of stories and adventures, and you have the memories to prove it. There have been so many reasons to smile, hands to hold, and loved ones to embrace. Through it all, your skin shined, radiating with life and energy.

It is a fact that our skin loses its elasticity as we grow older. Our hands gain new wrinkles, our cheeks start to sag, and those smiles start to leave visible memories of their own on our skin. However, for our patients in New York City Radiesse is a safe, versatile option that can provide the ideal that can help smooth out those wrinkles of time.

What is Radiesse?

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Radiesse is a long-lasting and highly effective FDA-approved injectable dermal filler for treating wrinkles on both the face and hands.

At its core, Radiesse is a collagen stimulator. Collagen is the main structural protein in our skin that helps it to retain that tight, taut, youthful appearance. Radiesse uses microscopic spheres of calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) to add volume to the skin. Over time, these spheres absorb into the skin and are replaced by natural collagen. With the use of Radiesse, the body’s process of collagen generation is stimulated and encourages growth — and with it, long-lasting results.

Our injection specialists are masters at knowing exactly when, where and how much treatment to apply to give you the look you want without looking unnatural or overdone. You can trust your look to SoVous Med Spa New York.

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What is the Radiesse
Treatment Process?

The process for Radiesse application typically takes between 15 minutes to an hour (this includes any application of topical anesthetic like lidocaine). The entire process is a non-surgical injection approach and can be used on the pre-jowl fold, on chin wrinkles, and on the backs of the hands. Radiesse can also be used on the same areas of the body as other solutions, such as the nasolabial folds by your cheeks and lines around the mouth and lips.

Without any anesthetic assistance, Radiesse feels less painful than a normal shot you might receive at your doctor’s office, as the needle is smaller. However, considering your face is a notably sensitive area, and that there are often multiple injections involved during a treatment session with Radiesse NYC aesthetic specialists at SoVous will apply a topical numbing cream or a dental block may be used to prevent the treatment from being unnecessarily uncomfortable.

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What are the
Benefits of

There are several benefits to be had from precisely applied Radiesse treatment at SoVous, including:

  • Adding volume to the jowls
  • Restoring volume to the hands
  • Restoring volume to the cheeks
  • Restoring volume to the temples
  • Defining and shaping the jaw and chin
  • Reducing wrinkles on the face and hands
  • “Liquid” rhinoplasty or non-surgical nose reshaping

Find out if Radiesse is right for you. Come in for an initial beauty consultation at SoVous Med Spa New York. Our skilled facial aesthetics experts will carefully assess your current condition and your beauty goals, and help you come up with a treatment plan that can best suit your needs.

Radiesse Recovery

There may be slight swelling and bruising around the injection site for a few days after your treatment, which will heal in the same way as a normal bruise or minor injury. These fade steadily over the course of your first week post-treatment. Most patients can return to normal activities immediately following treatment, depending on the procedure. If you have any concerns or questions about your Radiesse New York treatment call for more information.

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How Long Will my Radiesse Treatment Last?

One of the most exciting features of Radiesse is how long it lasts. Many patients report seeing their treatments lasting longer than a year, and biopsies have shown evidence of Radiesse up to three years after treatment.

However, over time, the effects of Radiesse will fade. When that starts to happen, it might be time for a follow-up treatment.

Why Choose SoVous?

When you book an appointment for Radiesse at SoVous, you can be sure that you will be receiving exceptional treatment and compassionate care.

New York City Radiesse expert Lisa M. Chevalier, M.M.S., PA-C, is an NCCPA Board Certified New York and New Jersey licensed Physician Associate who specializes in laser therapies, injectables, and aesthetics. She is a master of facial aesthetics and routinely called upon by the top brands in the cosmetics industry to train other professionals on how to properly administer their products.

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