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Microneedling in NYC

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Enhance Your Skins Health

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Enhance Your Skins Health

Microneedling works by creating tiny, controlled punctures in your skin which stimulate your body's own natural healing process. Using an incredibly fine microneedle, the process stimulates your body's own repair mechanisms. At SoVous Med Spa New York City microneedling is an effective way to treat scar tissue in a way that leaves the underlying structure of your skin intact and enhances skin health.

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What Is Microneedling?

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is a treatment method that uses tiny needles to puncture the skin to a certain depth. These controlled injuries trigger the body’s production of collagen. The collagen fills the holes made by the needles, resulting in healthier, younger-looking skin. Microneedling has been around for over a century.

The first recorded use was in 1905 by a German dermatologist. The device relied on burs used in dentistry of various sizes, mounted on motor-driven flexible cord equipment. There is even some evidence that a form of microneedling was used in ancient China. The procedure we know today as microneedling was pioneered in Canada in the late 1990s. It has become a gentle and versatile treatment for reducing the signs of aging and the appearance of scars, including those caused by acne. We cannot halt the process of time, but we can certainly take advantage of treatments that can make us look our best. Microneedling is a safe, effective, and quick procedure that helps address general scarring as well as the general texture and tone of your skin. SoVous Med Spa NYC is proud to provide microneedling in Manhattan and Long Island with SkinPen by Bellus Medical.

Microneedling Procedure

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SkinPen is the first microneedling device cleared by the FDA. It is clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars for ages 22 and up. After administering a topical anesthetic, your SoVous Med Spa NYC microneedling specialist can adjust the speed and depth of the needle penetration as the SkinPen slides over the surface of the area being treated.

The SkinPen needles penetrate the skin, creating hundreds of near-microscopic channels through the epidermis. Those channels stimulate the body’s own production of collagen and elastin as the skin heals from those tiny needle punctures. Many clinics and salons still use derma rollers to penetrate the skin. The needles on these devices offer only one depth and because they penetrate the skin at an angle, they are more likely to cause more epidermal damage than needed. Patients need additional recovery time as a result. By offering microneedling treatments with SkinPen, SoVous can deliver better results with faster recovery times than derma rollers.

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With the SkinPen

Because it uses disposable needle cartridges, the SkinPen is safer and more sanitary than the previous microneedling options. Trained aestheticians like the ones at SoVous can reach precise and delicate areas with our microneedling treatments. The sessions are short and there is little downtime. At SoVous, we combine the technology of SkinPen with a bespoke skincare regimen to make the treatment even more effective.

The products help the skin heal faster and enhance results. SkinPen works on almost all skin types. In addition to improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, microneedling can often treat pigmentation conditions such as melasma, vitiligo, and solar lentigines. If you are interested in learning how microneedling can help with these conditions, schedule an appointment with our NYC microneedling specialists at SoVous.

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Microneedling with Platelet-
Rich Plasma (PRP)

Also known as a “vampire facial”, microneedling with platelet-rich plasma has been shown to augment the effectiveness of microneedling through the addition of the healing properties of your own blood.

The microneedling with PRP process is similar to traditional microneedling, only with the addition of platelet-rich plasma to the treatment area. PRP is harvested from your body by taking a small vial of blood and purifying it in a centrifuge to isolate the platelet-rich plasma. That PRP is then applied to the treatment area during the microneedling procedure. Generally, patients who choose to add PRP to their microneedling experience a faster recovery and more noticeable results. During your consultation for microneedling New York skincare specialists at SoVous will discuss adding PRP to your procedure.

Microneedling Candidates

When you are young, your skin is smooth and supple and contains connective tissue that holds large amounts of elastin and collagen floating in a sea of hyaluronic acid. Elastin provides the strength and elasticity of your skin. Collagen provides firmness and support. As you age, these proteins break down. It takes your skin longer to recover from any damage. If you answered yes to any of these questions, our microneedling treatments may be right for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you are considering microneedling:

  • Do you have acne scars?
  • Would you like the texture of your skin to be smoother?
  • Do you worry about rough patches or uneven skin tone?
  • Are you noticing more spots from aging or from the sun?
  • Are you noticing fine lines and wrinkles becoming more visible?
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Why Choose SoVous?

If you want microneedling in NYC, SoVous is the place to go. Our qualified and extensively trained specialists strive to deliver the best microneedling NYC has to offer. We will review your medical history and your beauty goals and use our experience to help you come up with a plan to help you treat yourself to a look you will love.

Microneedling FAQs

What should I expect during treatment?

A topical numbing cream is applied to the area to be treated. Microneedling takes about 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the area being treated and what the patient requests in the way of treatment. Some patients report feeling a slight vibration from the SkinPen while it is being applied.

What happens after the treatment?

Most New York microneedling patients have some slight swelling and redness for a few days after the treatment. Some experience only a day of redness. It really depends on each patient.

How long will it take to recover from my microneedling treatment?

Each patient heals differently, but in most cases, patients see significant reduction in redness and swelling in the first day or two following treatment. Most patients require little to no downtime and can completely cover up any sign of the treatment with make-up the day after the procedure.

How long does the treatment last?

The length of time the microneedling treatment lasts is dependent on the underlying issue that caused the damage in the first place. For scars, results are usually permanent. Those issues caused by aging will eventually reappear. However, unlike some procedures, you can have additional treatments without building up scar tissue.

How long will it take to see results after my microneedling treatment?

The timeframe to notice visible results post-microneedling can vary. Generally, improvements might be seen within a few days to a week after treatment, with continued enhancements over several weeks as collagen production increases, providing firmer, smoother skin. However, individual results may vary based on factors such as skin type, the specific concern being addressed, and the number of sessions undergone.

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