Skin Tightening

Aging skin is a fact of life. The good news is the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the more you can prevent the signs of aging and maintain a younger look. What you do in your 20s and 30s will affect how you look in your 40s, 50s and beyond. Adding Fractora to your collection of skin care tricks – at any age – will help you recover the glow, luminosity and smoothness your skin, and you, deserve. Fractora takes skin care to a whole new level.

This unique treatment expands skin care to not only address unwanted signs of aging, but gives you the power to help prevent them: visibly illuminated skin tone, ultra-soft and smoother texture, improved tone and radiance, reduction in the appearance of pores, naturally radiant and glowing skin. 

What is fractora?

Fractora delivers targeted bipolar RF energy to various selectable depths in the skin. Fractora meets and exceeds the results of fractional CO2 without the associated downtime, prolonged redness, and pigmentation drawbacks. Fractora achieves full-scale treatment depths with customizable fractional energy to improve superficial skin tone problems (photo damage) to deep textural concerns (rhytids, laxity and acne scars). Clinicians can select between variable depths, densities and energy levels for results that were previously unattainable without excisional surgery through ablation of tissue. Ablation of the skin promotes skin resurfacing while untreated skin between the pins promotes faster healing of the treatment tissue.

  • Comparable results to the best fractional CO2 laser on moderate and deep wrinkles

  • Safe to treat neck and other areas with profound skin resurfacing and contraction

  • Safe on ethnic skin with little risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which is common with CO2

  • Less downtime or risk of adverse reactions compared to the best fractional CO2 lasers

  • Multiple settings mimic aggressive fractional CO2, Er: YAG, IR laser and deep (dermal/sub-dermal) volumetric heating

  • Tips with various depths and pin density configurations are utilized which allow the user to vary the depth of ablation, coagulation and heating of tissue more effectively for different skin concerns

  • Improves skin elasticity and firmness, specially around the jowls and neck area

  • Delivers improvements in fine lines, deep lines, texture, pigment irregularities, blood vessels and redness.

  • Offers improvements for aging skin that would normally require two, three or even four different technologies

What Does Fractora Treat?  

Fractora treats numerous skin conditions such as all levels of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Fractora restores your skin’s texture and surface, refines the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, and treats discoloration and uneven pigmentation on your body. It also reduces the appearance of acne scars and surgical scars. The Fractora treatment will create smoother and healthier skin not only on your face, but on your neck, chest, and hands. 

Fractora ReNew is a more aggressive treatment for patients who want to:

  • Tighten and tone areas of skin laxity

  • Resurface skin texture

  • Reduce and eliminate deeper wrinkles

  • Even out complexion

  • Improve the appearance of ice pick or acne scars

Fractora Lite is milder maintenance treatment perfect for patients who want to:

  • Slow things down and maintain the youthful look they have

  • Renew tired, dull skin, delivering smooth and glowing skin

  • Maintain a refreshed look from a more corrective energy-based treatment

  • Reduce and eliminate softer wrinkle

Is fractora for me

Fractora treatments can be customized to each individuals specific skin needs. Varying needs are associated with different levels of downtime. Your specific situation will be discussed with you during consultation before your treatment plan is delivered.


  • A topical anesthetic will be applied to the skin for added comfort during the procedure

  • A pin tip applicator of varying sizes and depths will be selected and placed directly over the treatment area

  • The radiofrequency enery level will be selected for your specific skin concern, which vary in intensity according to the type of skin, the location of the treatment area and treatment type, and the depth of energy penetration required for optimal results

  • After 30 – 40 minutes, the session is complete. The patient may experience redness, swelling and peeling of skin in the treatment area, which usually diminishes over 3-4 days

  • Cold compresses may be applied to help reduce any redness and swelling that may occur

  • A special post-procedure protocol will be prescribed during the healing time which may include a skin care regimen to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and protect the skin

what to expect after treatment?

After your treatment your skin will be slightly red for 3-7 days. Redness and a sandpaper texture will progress to a suntanned look as the skin begins to flake and peel revealing fresh skin cells and a smooth and even texture. This is a normal sign that the skin is healing deeply, that dermal tissue is being repaired, and there is good blood circulation. Swelling is minimal and generally resolves in two to three days. There are varying levels of downtime with each type of Fractora applicator which will be discussed with you upon consultation. Your skin will be more sensitive to the sun and exfoliative skin care agents during the 2 weeks following your treatment. Your provider will discuss with you specific ways to protect and mend your skin as well as prevent reoccurrence.