Dysport ®– is a wrinkle relaxer producing very similar effects as Botox to smooth wrinkles. The differences are in the molecular size and thusly dosing units. Dysport unit number requirements are higher, though this does not mean the product is less effective. It is simply the way the product is diluted and delivered. Your treatment with Dysport will use an equivalent amount of the neuroprotein. As with Botox, individual requirements will vary with men generally requiring more units for full effect than the units required by women. The spread of the product, time to effectiveness and longevity of treatment may also be different from person to person.
For those who have developed antibodies to Botox which makes it no longer effective or less effective, Dysport is a welcome addition to the wrinkle-fighting arsenal.

Just like with BOTOX, our specialists will determine where to administer the injections based on the lines formed by certain facial muscles. The location, size, and use of the muscles that create wrinkles are markedly among individuals.