Are you noticing strong shadowing, etched lines in the skin or have a sunken in look? Dermal fillers might be the right choice for you. Dermal fillers were not all created equally and thusly are used to treat different concerns. 

Hyaluronic acid fillers

Young skin is smooth and elastic, containing large amounts of collagen, elastin floating in a sea of hyaluronic acid. These fibers support many of the active structures found in the dermal layer of your skin – things like hair follicles, oil glands, sweat glands and blood vessels. You can think of the fibers like the inner walls of a house. When the walls weaken, the skin starts to sag. HA can hold 1000X it’s own weight in water so it’s an incredible support molecule keeping the walls of your skin erect. 

It is a naturally- occurring sugar that is chemically equivalent across all species. This feature significantly reduces allergic reactions and makes for a "natural" way of filling in lines, wrinkles and folds of the skin without the need for a sensitivity test. Each brand differs in the way they handle the HA during manufacturing. They vary in thickness, softness, spreadability, tissue lifting capacity and longevity of correction making each unique in it's own way. They can all be reduced or reversed if needed. 

Juvederm® Ultra & Ultra Plus –  the softest of the HA fillers is in the form of a soft cross-linked cohesive gel. The difference between the to is their degree of cross-linking. This proprietary Hylacross™ technology is similar to bedsprings in a mattress, the more springs you have the more firm the mattress is and thusly, the more cross-linked the HA the more thick or firm it is. Juvederm® Ultra is a great choice for lip plumping due to it's innate softness, whereas, Juvederm® Ultra Plus is better for areas of deeper folds requiring more firm lifting of tissues. Learn more

Juvederm Voluma™– Slightly different from the other Juvederm® products, it is even more highly cross-linked and viscous by way of it's Vycross™ technology. This feature allows it to lift effectively as it it placed in the deeper tissues and last much longer. It is a wonderful tool for filling in the hollows that we develop in the cheeks and mid-face region over time. It is also a great product for contouring the jawline and hollows around the temples. Learn more

Restylane® Silk - another HA gel product made of small spreadable particles. This feature allows us to inject and spread throughout the skin. It is a great product for thinner skinned areas or softer wrinkles as well as subtle volumization of the lips. Learn more


Restylane-L - another HA gel product made of medium sized spreadable particles. This feature allows us to inject and spread throughout the skin to fill in slightly deeper wrinkles. It is also great for moderate volumization of the lips. Learn more

Restylane® Lyft – similar to the other Restlylane products in it's spreadability, this product has larger molecules making it thicker and more viscous. It is great for areas where a little extra filling, lifting and volumization are needed. Learn more

Belotero – the thinnest of the HA fillers has recently filled the gap where collagen injections use to be. This filler is unique in that it can be placed in the most superficial lines around the mouth and crows feet to airbrush them away without leaving trace evidence of it's existence. Learn more

Semi-Permanent Fillers 

Rely on the body's own resources to stimulate collagen production over time. Because these are "bio-stimulatory" we consider them semi-permanent, however, they do break down naturally over time and require repeat treatment.

Radiesse – is made up of calcium hydroxylapatite, a natural substance found in teeth and bone. It's injection is placed deep into the dermis to stimulate your body to make more collagen where it is injected. It is great for deeper folds, volume loss in the cheeks and jaw contouring. Learn more

Sculptra – Another "bio-stimulator," this product is the most reserved tool in our toolbox. It is a synthetic byproduct of sugar fermentation. It works to stimulate collagen production more slowly over time. It requires multiple visits to achieve the desired volumizing effect. It is a wonderful tool for filling out the face of individuals that have volume loss all over. Learn more

Autologous Fat Grafting – The most "organic dermal filler" of all utilizes your body's own fat and blood plasma to restore and correct volume-depleted areas, a dimple or groove, or contour deformities. The invent of dermal fillers with minimal down time and such lasting effects makes this a less popular filler, however, it is a wonderful tool for areas where other dermal fillers may have failed to achieve results or are just not meant to be placed. One such areas is to refill the upper eye region to raise the brows and decrease hooding in the upper eye lids. In general, 40-50% of the injected fat volume goes away within several months. To compensate, your injector may choose to overcorrect a treatment area, anticipating that some of it will go away. Another approach is to inject until an immediate correction is achieved, wait to see how much goes away, and repeat the fat grafting several months later.