Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Chevalier Forget - Part 4 - Madagascar Beach Fun in the Sand

After exploring mountain tops, alpine lakes and melting glaciers, we decided it was time for a little fun in the sand. For this we headed West to Madagascar Beach. With it’s rocky edges and high tide approaching, it took us several minutes to land the heli. We didn’t mind one bit since we got to take in the rugged coastline as the sun began it’s descent behind the clouds. Once we finally landed, off went the Dolce heels and on came the hiking boots. My Sportivas have traveled with me across the globe for the past 4 years. It was only fitting that I chose them as my “something blue.” It' was a good thing that I thought to bring them as we jumped over tide pools and ran along the oceans edge. They made a pretty good dancing shoe too!

Lisa HartmanComment