Meet Philip, the love of my life


PA school Graduation


Philip and I met in August of 2008 just before I began my clinical rotations as a PA. I was out celebrating the passing of my PA comprehensive exam at an Irish Pub in Fort Lauderdale called Paddy O'Reilley's when we caught each other's eyes from across the room. We made our way towards each other and began talking about a million and one things. It didn't take us long to realize that we had a lot in common and were interested in getting to know each other more. The problem was that Philip was moving to NYC for a job 10 days later and I had another year of clinicals to complete in south Florida. At some point that evening he asked me for my phone number and if he could take me out the next day. Though our chemistry was undeniable, I was still uncertain as to where this would go. My mom always told me to "listen to what your gut tells you," and in this moment, I'm glad I did. Before I knew it I was packing my belongings in the back of a Uhaul truck headed for the big Apple!